Fields of Application


Application Field: Shredding, Screening and Dosing

EuRec® Shredders are available in different sizes and form the beginning of every waste treatment. Patented shredding tools in different designs guarantee an optimal adjustment to the required throughput, output grain size and decomposition behavior. It doesn't matter if field crops, corn, old timber, railway sleepers, fresh waste, root stocks, brushes, bulky refuse, industrial waste, domestic waste, residual waste, plastic waste, electronic scrap, large electrical devices, passenger cars, aluminium scrap, etc. - EuRec® offers the perfect shredder and optimal shredding tools. EuRec® Shredders are applicable on the fields of soil treatment, in composting plants, etc.


Application Field: Waste Packaging

The EuRec® RBS-2 Round Baling System presses and packs all kind of compressible waste and recyclable materials. No matter if domestic waste, shredded bulky refuse, industrial waste, matresses, wood shavings, substitue fuel and many more - all is highly compressed and packed in film by use of the EuRec® Round Baling System RBS-2. During the bale production, the EuRec® RBS-2 forgoes the use of net bindings, profiled press ribbons and steel or plastic strapping, so it is characterized by low operating and wearing costs.


Application Field: Fine Shredding

The name EuRec® is world-wide known on the field of environmental protection. EuRec® applies its full energies to the environment and developed a waste treatment process that is also applicable for threshold and developing countries because of its low costs. Affordable waste treatment plants are very popular in these countries whose waste consists of a high percentage of organic material, so this waste is not or only partially suitable for waste incineration. Furthermore, lots of these countries have a huge, karsted soil structure; an agricultural use is less worthwhile. But artificial fertilizer does not create native soil, but this is what you need for an intensive agricultural cultivation. EuRec®'s developed waste treatment process is for the production of compost out of the screened organic fraction from domestic waste.If produced in a cost-effective way, compost may return to nature what was taken by intensive agriculture. Compost produced from waste can also be used for soil improvement in karstified areas.

Moreover, organic material separated from domestic waste by use of EuRec® waste treatment equipment can be dried biologically for further use as substitute fuel. Together with partners, EuRec® offers the processing and utilization of substitute fuel gained of domestic waste, e. g.


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