EuRec® Waste Packing Technology

The EuRec® Waste Packing System RBS-2 presses and packs all kind of compressible waste. Domestic waste, shredded bulky refuse, industrial waste, wood shavings, substitute fuel and many more are highly compressed with our EuRec® RBS-2. The compressing is made in a press vessel equipped with 2 rotating, hydraulically down-pressing compacting rollers which even eliminate innerspring mattresses merciless.

The EuRec® RBS-2 uses film to pack waste, further there is no use of aluminum-profiled press ribbons and net bindings. The bales are fixed without steel or plastic strappings, so our system is characterized by low operating costs. During the packing process the film is stretched up to 70 % and gives the finished bale a fixed cross bracing.

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Loaded EuRec® RBS-2 EuRec® RBS-2 in use

The EuRec® RBS-2 Packing System for waste and recyclables is designed with dimensions and fixings as a standard 40" container. Thus, the system can be transported with container vehicles safely and without effort. The RBS-2 is available with foldable hydraulic supports which enables unloading from vehicle and put on without using a crane. Optionally available cold season equipment provides the use of our packing system also in cold territories.

Bales produced with the EuRec® RBS-2 have a volume of 2.82 m³ and a considerably higher compaction than bales produced with conventional round baling systems which achieve a maximum volume of 1.25 m³ with lower density. The large volume of the EuRec® RBS-2 produced round bales and their high compaction reduces the consumption of film accordingly; the distances covered by the wheel loader are halved. As usual for EuRec® , the RBS-2 is characterized by low energy and wearing costs.

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Bale transport  Bale storage

The EuRec® RBS-2 System can be used easily in waste transfer stations. The high compaction of waste reduces transport costs, the return freight of empty containers becomes superflously, so trucks can pick up other kinds of return freight. When using the recommended film it is no problem to erect interim storages of any size.

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Bale transport

EuRec® decided for the round baling system to eliminate all disadvantages of the square bale system. Round bales are dropped directly next to each other, so because of their round shape there is enough space for the gripping device to lay down and pick up the round bales. Thus, during erection of bale storage damages of film caused by the gripping device are excluded so it resulted in a solid bale storage. Bulky parts are deformed by the press rollers inside the press vessel, so they do not puncture the film during transport and storage. The bales are stored completely leakage- and emission-proof. If requrested, please refer to our expertise for download (see the download category "Press/Publications").

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Square bale storage
Round bale storage

Das EuRec® Verpackungssystem RBS-2 verpresst und verpackt alle Arten von Abfällen die sich komprimieren lassen. Ob Hausmüll, zerkleinerter Sperrmüll, Gewerbeabfall, Holzspäne, Ersatzbrennstoffe und vieles mehr werden im EuRec® RBS-2 hoch komprimiert. Die Komprimierung erfolgt im Pressbehälter durch 2 rotierende, hydraulisch niedergedrückte Kompakterwalzen, die selbst Federkernmatratzen erbarmungslos verdichten.


Das EuRec® RBS-2 verpackt ausschließlich in Folie und verzichtet bei der Ballenproduktion auf den Einsatz von Aluminium-Profilpressbändern und Netzumspannungen, es benötigt zur Fixierung der Ballen keine Stahl- oder Kunststoffbandumreifungen und zeichnet sich deshalb durch niedrige Betriebskosten aus. Die Folie wird während des Wickelvorgangs um bis zu 70% gereckt und bildet beim fertigen Ballen einen festen Kreuzverband.

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