EuRec® Disc Separator vs. Drum Screen

In spite of its shorter screen deck, the EuRec® Disc Separator substantially surpasses con-ventional drum screens, bar grates, star screens, vibrating screens, etc. regarding throughput, separation result and cleaning effort. Especially for the screening of domestic waste (residual waste) the EuRec® Disc Separator convinces with unbeatable features.

The EuRec® Disc Separator is not only a high-performance screening equipment for the screening of different fractions, but also an efficient machine for automatic separation of organic material, e. g. from residual waste. While passing the screen deck of EuRec® Disc Separators, normally organic fractions will be shredded again, what promotes the separation from high-caloric fractions. EuRec® Disc Separators are preferentially used for the screening of organic waste before material is forwarded to composting or biogas plants, further for sewage sludge treatment, screening of brown coal, waste incineration ash, electric scrap, etc.

According to the application case, the screen deck of EuRec® Disc Separators feeds the screening material with a tip angle of 8° - 20° upwards. Caused by the patented disc shape, the screening material is strongly shaken and casting up. When coming down on the screen deck, the material is mechanically treated and therefore shredded. Without question, this influences the shredding and separation result positively.

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At the beginning of the screen deck, there is a feeding conveyor that acts as accelerating conveyor. Because of its very high speed it forces all materials into horizontal position that are e. g. hastate and vertically impinging on the accelerating conveyor. This procedure avoids blockages or breakdowns that are feared at drum screens.

The disc shape is a result of numerous lab trials and tests in daily and special operation. The same applies for the spacers that are arranged between the screen discs. There are designed as double-cone (at best designated as double truncated cone shaped sleeves). These spacers guarantee the requested distance between the discs and they play an important role regarding the automatic cleaning of the screen deck. Strips that tend to get wrapped around the shafts slides inwards over the cone and are led to the middle of the cone. There again, the trapezoid elements arranged at the outer edge of the fast rotating discs intervene and destroy almost each new wrapping.

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Below the screen shafts, a patented EuRec® cleaning device moves along the screen deck to free it from wet and adhesive material that comes along with difficult application cases. Its cleaning teeth are movable three-dimensionally and adjust their position permanently to the current situation. Adhesions, adherence of screen apertures (which requires an enormous cleaning effort for drum screens) are naturally not to expect for the EuRec® Disc Separator. Only for the screening of fine fractions that present a limiting size we suggest the use of a EuRec® Star Screen.

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The above photo shows a screen drum that was dismounted for cleaning purposes which must be made by hand. Long before this level of clogging the screening result was insufficiently.

The screen holes of the drum screens are mainly blocked from the outside while screening moisture waste material. Pike-shaped material acts as clogging material and blocks the passing of waste. Film, textiles, etc. get stuck in the screen holes and clogs the screen drum. A synchronously running brush does not avoid but delay such kind of clogging.

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