EuRec® Star Screens for different Applications

EuRec® Star Screens are used where the screening of a defined grain size is unavoidable. The spotlight is especially set on the screening of shredded waste, compost, biomass, but also the separation of sand, small stones, splinters of glass, button cells, etc. from substitute fuel, for example.

EuRec® Star Screens can be operated as single machine or as part of a waste treatment plant. The number of screen shafts and screen stars as well as their dimension and shape is adjusted to and governed by the case of application. The range of screened grain size starts at approx. 8 mm and has a wide upside potential. Limits are provided by the material to be screened. Please describe your case of application, so we are glad to give advice.

   Sternsieb 04 klSternsiebe Mordov kl

EuRec® developed a screen deck with innovative screen stars; this star screen is used on the field of filling honeycomb and hollow blocks with mineral wool. The filling of the stones takes place reliably and equally. The insulation value of stones filled that way increases considerably. Such EuRec® Dosing Devices are directly integrated and run efficiently as part of the production line of honeycomb stones.

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